Keeping Kids Cool While Mom Sweats

Summer is in full swing here and we have had some extra toasty days lately. If you’re not ready to let the heat beat your outdoor exercise routine, and you have your little one in tow, you’ll want to make sure they don’t get too warm. Whether you're sweatin' solo or striding at class, we've got a few tips to keep kids cool as you take on that sweat sesh.

Dress Lightly & Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Children six months old and over should have a broad-spectrum sunscreen applied at least 30 minutes before outdoor activity (under six months should generally be kept out of direct sunlight). Be sure to reapply sunscreen to your little one every two hours, or after sweating if they’re working out with you - easier said than done, I know! Kids of all ages should be dressed in light, breathable clothing.

Stay Hydrated

Just as it’s important for mom to drink plenty of water when she exercises, it’s also important kiddo has their own water bottle with plenty of fresh water. Older children may need a gentle reminder to sip along with you to keep you both nice and hydrated, especially if they are jogging or scooting alongside you.

Keep it Made in the Shade

If you want to stop and bust out a few on-the-go workout moves (maybe a few squats, push-ups, standing abs…) pick a shady spot like under a tree or a building overhang. Of course, if you're in class our instructors will always chase the shade as much as possible. If you’re planning to take a nice long walk, pick a route that has a lot of trees.

Get Some Gear

There are some great products out there to help you and your mini-me get through the Dog Days of Summer. Handheld misting fans are a great way to keep cool, and it gives older kids a way to help. Stroller fans can also help give those stroller-bound kids their own personal breeze (I like the ones with soft blades in case curious fingers get in the way). Mesh cooling towels are another cool product that use a breathable mesh that activates with a simple soak, wring, and snap. The best part is, they’re all available on Amazon!

Take Plenty of Rests Along the Way

Always listen to your body so YOU don’t overheat and become ineffective for the kids you’ve got with you. If something feels off or you get lightheaded, don’t push it. Rest when you need and switch to a lower impact workout if you find what you’re doing too strenuous.

Of course, safety should always be considered first, and it’s best to avoid excessive heat. An article from the What to Expect website states that if the National Weather Service lists the heat index as 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher babies, toddlers, and small children shouldn’t be outside for too long. Always take extra precautions with newborns and infants as their bodies cannot cool themselves as effectively as adults, and if possible avoid exercising on extra hot days between 10 am - 4 pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest.